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Regional and Local Plan Modification

The Workforce Innovation & Opportunity Act (WIOA) requires that local workforce development boards develop and submit to the State local and regional strategic workforce development plans. SBCWDB's 2017-21 Regional and Local Plan was submitted in March 2017 and is still in effect. WIOA also requires a biennial update of Regional and Local Plans to ensure they remain current. The California Workforce Development Board has also made changes to the State Plan which require that Local Boards update their Plans to be consistent with the State's policy direction. The State Board is requiring local boards to focus on the following priorities in their Local and Regional Plans:

  • Partnerships with Santa Barbara County Department of Social Services - CalFresh Employment & Training Program.
  • Partnerships with Santa Barbara County Child Support Services to provide workforce services to non-custodial parents.
  • Partnerships with programs that serve individuals with disabilities, including strategies to implement Competitive Integrated Employment (Department of Rehabilitation).
  • Services for English Language Learners, the Foreign Born, and Refugees.
  • Aligning, coordinating, and integrating reentry and workforce services to the formerly incarcerated and other justice-involved individuals – Prison to Employment Initiative (P2E)

South Central Coast WIOA Regional Plan 2021-2024

2021-2025 Santa Barbara County Local Plan Draft 2021-03-19

For more information, refer to the Local Plan Modification and the Regional Plan Modification.

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